Frequently Asked Question

  • You need money for a relatively shorter period of time
  • You need the money real fast and with minimal documentation.
  • You need flexible eligibility norms based on annual turnover or cash profits as opposed to reported income or profits
  • You can ask for flexible repayment terms from 1 to 90 days.
We felicitate short term funding from INR 5 lakhs to any amount, mutually depending upon the lender and borrower, with tenure between 1 day to 90 days.
The rate of interest is based on several market dynamics,, however it ranges between 15% to 24% per annum.
At the time of disbursement repayment terms are mutually agreed between lender & borrower. Mode of repayment can be either ECS or Post dated cheque.
Depends upon the product sanctioned by the lender
Yes. Depends upon the product sanctioned by the lender and as per lender policy.
  • Small businesses, SMEs, Small and mid size Corporate
  • Self proprietorships, partnership firms, private limited companies, trusts, societies etc
  • Manufacturing firms, traders, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, distributors and resellers
  • Self Employed professionals such as doctors, engineers & architects and people with professional degrees
Yes, your borrow request can still be approved by if you fit in our eligibility criteria.
Although it depends on what kind of business entity you are but still you need to submit bank statement, VAT return, ITR and financials. Apply now to check out the complete list.
As soon as our credit team gives an in principle go ahead, after you having submitted the documents, we give these to various lenders and the lender who agrees to lend is then matched to you. Once lending compliance is done, between 24-48 hours funds will be transferred to your account by the lender.
We have a portal where you can track the due dates, raise service request, see lender statutory details and see your borrowing portfolio. We share login details once the account setup is done at our end.
Yes you can apply again at our portal from your login, however all lending compliance and credit assessment needs to be done. is owned and operated by Lending Solutions India Private Limited.
We only share the contact information and statutory information with the lender who has actually lent to you. All other information provided by you is saved in our secured database and not shared with anyone. We honour and maintain the dignity of all our borrowers. Please refer our Privacy Policy.
You need to write an email on or call us on 9314 121 121 for the same.
You need to write an email on or call us on 9314 121 121 for the same.
No, as per RBI directions only NBFC’s and Banks can lend on our platform. Write to us on or call us on 9314 121 121 to open your lending account.
We are fully compliant by all laws relevant to our business as on date.
No, all communications between the lenders and borrowers is facilitated through our portal.
Details for charges are defined in Terms & Conditions. Processing fees & commission for the arrangement is applicable as per Terms & Conditions available on our website.
You need to be a RBI registered NBFC, Bank or an AIFI to be able to lend on our platform. Please write to for further information., is a Registered Trademark. All Rights Reserved.

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