THE 121 WAY! is World´s 1st 1st Online Portal for Very Short Term Working Capital Finance. We offer Flexible, Very Short Term Loans for Business Purposes. is the trade name of 121 Finance Private Limited, which is registered with RBI as a NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company).


Why Us

121 is all about Speed, Flexibility, Transparency and Ease for Working Capital Business Finance. is your business partner for all your Short Term Working Capital needs. A venture created by thoroughly experienced and seasoned finance professionals who have collaborated to build World´s 1st online portal for Very Short term Working Capital Finance.


Gaining short term Business Finance couldn’t be easier. Instant finance is now just a click away.


Why bother with the tedious bank visits when you can smartly manage your business finances online.


We offer a technologically secured, organised and process driven solution to manage your finances in a secured, reliable and verified manner.


Our products are customisable. You pick your priorities and we match them with the most appropriate options for you.


Gaining short term Business Finance couldn’t be easier. Instant finance is now just a click away.

Crystal Clear

Absolute transparency at all stages of transaction. You can control and manage all steps, processes and documentations with online access.

Working Capital For You gives you the much needed benefit of a reliable and well managed financial framework to address all your working capital needs like -

  • Encashing specials/special discounts from your key vendors
  • Sudden seasonal market demands
  • Bridging finance arrangements
  • Using as margin money
  • Invoice/bill discounting
  • Executing some special sales order is an online lending platform, which offers you the benefits of digital finance and customised borrowing with a short term horizon.

What's more? The repayments are flexible and range from 7 Day to 365 Days.

World First online portal for Very Short Term


We offer customised, flexible repayments of Very Short Term Working Capital Finance, which our Data Analytics run on Data provided by you and arrive at an optimum amount to be lent.

We have automated our entire loan lifecycle, right from origin, to offer, from documentation, to recovery and all in between. Our mobile app helps you manage and control your costs. is all about most optimum utilisation of Short Term Funds!

121 Business Finance


We give finance with flexible repayment terms on a pre agreed plan basis wherein the borrower can request for loans for a span of 1 to 180 days with the entry level ticket size starting at Rs. 5 lakh.


When it comes to actuating the trust factor with respect to short term business finance, presents a credible and customised framework which works in your favour. is unlike any traditional money lending source which has an exorbitant and often unqualified finance terms and interest rates. This online marketplace is radically different from a bank, which is primarily focused on engaging you for a longer period of time and cannot give you access to “short term” finance in a really short time!

RACE® Risk Assessment & Credit Eligibility -

RACE assigns a 121 Score and Credit Limit to each borrower. In case the borrower is not satisfied with his limit, he can submit more supporting documents to substantiate it.

RADAR® Real Time Access & Data Analysis Reporting -

The platform acts as monitoring tool which determines the finance patterns of the borrower. The borrower’s ability to pay is actuated considering repayment patterns of the past borrowed funds and also the finance status whether he owes money to any lender or not.


Generating leads for borrowers through various digital and non-digital channels, we undertake the following steps: :


This involves the KYC as per the RBI and all international guidelines for Terror Funding; Anti Money Laundering etc.


The borrower submits various documents online which are then assessed by our RACE team and Credit Limit and scores are assigned to the borrower.


Our Loan documentation and disbursement is managed by our Trade Desk.


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